The Season ahead.

With the season about to start we are looking at some fantastic fishing ahead. The Rivers and Streams are in great condition, good water levels and cool temps. There has been some late snow so water levels will be up for the opening weekend. The Thredbo has a lot of fish right through the river, with the Hatchery reporting good numbers through the trap. You will need a fair bit of weight to get down so dont forget the Tungsten Nymphs, big Streamers and Eggs. The smaller streams will fish well and I am sure some Drys will be used. Lake Jindabyne and Lake Eucumbene are rising rapidly with lots of fish around the edges. We are going to get a good Midge season as the evenings are producing rising fish. The shop is well stocked with everything you need so if you cant get up here at the moment check out the web site. The Fly range is huge with lots of big heavy ugly Streamers and a big selection of heavy nymphs. Waders and boots from Simms and Vision, rods from Scott, Sage, Primal, Vision and Echo and the latest flylines from Rio and Airflo. We are open each day so call in and get the latest info and gear. Cheers and happy fishing, Murray

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