Our Story


High Country Outfitters has the largest and most comprehensive range of fly-fishing equipment and supplies in the Snowy Mountains. Whether your a seasoned pro or someone that wants to try their hand at fly-fishing for the first time, we have something for every level and every budget. We pride ourselves on offering you the best in service and the world's best fly fishing gear.

We were established in 1988 when Nuggets Crossing Shopping Centre first opened. the store has evolved over the years to what you see today originally we had a Saddlery where the fly fishing is now but with the growth of fishing in the area and Murray's love for fly fishing the horse shoes were moved on.

 We are located at the front of Nuggets Crossing Shopping Centre in the beautiful Snowy Mountains.

 We stock a mixed range of items from all your fly-fishing needs to hiking gear, ladies and mens fashion and a large selection of footwear.